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I’m catherine, a registered dietitian in south carolina specializing in digestive health and non-diet health coaching. if you are ready to make your wellness goals achievable + sustainable, i have a unique, proven approach combining lifestyle medicine coaching with science-backed behavior change to partner with people ready to make change that lasts. together, we will focus on optimizing your healthy habits to help you feel your best.

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plant-based hearty potato soup

many potato soup recipes are heavy in dairy and high in saturated fat, which can affect digestion and increase inflammation for some people and contribute to chronic disease for many others! this recipe is a lighter, vegetable-heavy soup that can be thrown together in less than an hour.

pumpkin apple + cranberry mini muffins

I love seasons. maybe it’s part of growing up & recognizing how fast time flies or maybe it’s part of my personal gratitude journey – but I have been working this year to better embrace the beauty in every season. An amazing podcast episode sticks with me still ( @emilypfreeman + #thenextrightthingpodcast). it discussed how we can transform …

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chickpea “chicken” salad

my brother brought a version of this recipe to the beach this summer, and I have been in love with it ever since! I put my own spin on his recipe (he used peppers/red onion) and scaled it to feed me + my toddlers for a week of lunches! I’m not a big meat eater …

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