breaking the diet cycle

You haven’t failed diets – diets have failed you.

nearly every client i speak with regarding weight loss goals relates to the diet cycle on some level. often, these clients are burdened from countless experiences with the “guilt” stage of the diet cycle, and have adopted the stance that there is something innately wrong with their motivation, discipline or willpower that makes this cycle fail.

however, that’s not the case at all. though it’s factual that following a diet of any kind that results in caloric deficit or increase in expenditure can result in weight loss, weight loss is not the issue at hand. weight loss maintenance is where >95% of diets are falling short. the truth is, both psychology and physiology point to restriction and drastic change being unsustainable long-term.

rigid food rules inundate most of us from the time we are young, often in the form of a quippy unwanted advice from others. rules cycle over the years, ebbing and flowing for no particular reason other than the random advice of pseudo-health promoters looking to make a buck: low-carb, low fat, various supplements, rigid fasting (aka restriction), counting macros, detoxes, calorie counting … the list goes on.

Diets don’t work. Big deal. You don’t need them to work. You need to not go on them.

– traci mann, author of secrets from the eating lab

so maybe you’ve already realized that diets don’t work and are tired of hunting for the next new thing. maybe you’re convinced you to break up with the diet cycle but don’t know how/where to start.

through coaching your mindset and supporting you through lifestyle change, a registered dietitian can give you the tools you need to break up with dieting, body shame and food guilt.

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