if you want to improve your relationship to your body + your food and change your wellbeing despite balancing a full life, you are in the right place. i’m here to support you in your journey and help you discover what will work best for you based on your unique strengths, barriers and responsibilities.

my interest in gut health and came from my own personal struggle in understanding my own digestive difficulties, and encountering countless clients over the years feeling similarly. I am here to support you in your journey to improve function and feel better!

i am anti-restriction, pro-simplicity and a big fan of prioritizing the things that mean the most to you. i believe a balance DOES exist between home, work and personal wellbeing – let’s work together to find your balance.

thank you for including me on your journey!

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get to know me!

Hi – i’m catherine johnston.
registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, virtual nutrition coach

i grew up in the upstate of south carolina enjoying fresh peach ice cream, garden-grown green beans, homemade dill pickles and wild blackberries. I still live here with my family + 2 pups. as a full-time working mom, I understand the challenge of balancing responsibilities while still prioritizing my own health + wellness.

my faith, my family and my clients are my top priorities, and i have realized to balance these things, my personal wellness has to be prioritized as well. cooking, gardening, outdoor activities and reading are a few of my favorite things. cannot wait to learn more about you and work together to support your goals!